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Makeup products are products used to color, enhance and highlight facial features. Makeups can either add directly or can used to alter color and can used over the foundation that will make the color even and smooth. The specific Skin types are identified from 1-6 for dermatological purpose at the same time the makeup companies uses their own terminology to describe their own makeup color. Hence the Makeup colors matches your skin tone should be chosen correctly.

MakeOver Magazine


As a professional Makeup Artist Jijeesh Offers AIR BRUSH MAKEUP. When compared to traditional Makeups techniques such as Sponges, Brushed, Fingers or other methods on AIR BRUSH MAKEUP, Makeup is sprayed on skin using AIR BRUSH.
     AIR BRUSH MAKEUP has become more popular with the emergence of High Definition Videos (HD) and is great for photos .Traditional powders or liquid based makeups settles and appear wrinkles & pores and it will visible on HD films.

When we take the AIR BRUSH Makeups when the makeup is sprayed on face, it connect with the skin as millions of droplets of formula which can create even sheer and natural appearance to Skin and results natural land non heavy look to face and can cover or conceal tattoos and unwanted marks on face including birthmarks, scars etc. It is perfect for all skin types and also the AIR BRUSH makeup is long lasting up to 12 – 24hrs.

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