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Glamorizing your hands with Mesmerizing Mehendi Designs

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Jijeesh’s Inspirit MakeOver team comprises of Professional Mehendi Artist to embellish your hand and feet. Check out a few details of Mehendi Designs we dealt with. For the prefect look before applying Mehendi on hand and foot have a well manicure and pedicure toes and waxed hand & legs. Mehendi designs can either applied on hands or on feet, or on both as per the choice. Full hand Mehendi looks more gorgeous when it accompanies with colorful bangles. Most of the brides go for heavy foot Mehendi design as it makes the foot look more beautiful even they are hard to keep on for longer hours. Different types of Mehendi are available on market – red black artificial, Colors etc. It will perfect to paint the nails matching the outfit according to the great wedding day. We do most of the designs for the bride as per their choice.


Arabic Mehendi designs are most exquisite, alluring and exceptional in style contrasting with all others. We can include floral motifs, betel pepper leaf styles, complicated patterns, and clarity of designs make handful in Arabic Mehendi designs such designs are preferred for brides. Flower and other motifs can be highlighted by shading them too. It takes less time than other Indian Patterns in application and in drying out.

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Simple Marwari Mehendi designs can be plain but elegant. Marwani Mehendi Designs are beautiful not as elaborate or complicated as the Gujarati designs and also not too overwrought with ornamental detailing. More free space on hand it does not cover every inch of space as Arabian Designs. Features include exquisite floral patterns & shapers, spiral designs are good for wedding occasions.

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People belonging to Rajasthan are known as Marwari so the mehndi designs originated from Rajasthan as also named as Marwari. It is one of the most essential things in their culture, as marwaris can be seen applying traditional mehndi on all occasions. It is similar to Rajasthani mehndi design as both have originated from same grounds. Bridal mehndi is authentic marwari design with strong reflection of it's culture.


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Beautiful peacock pattern combines with few exquisite patterns where design cover on finger and other finger left empty gives simple and elegant illustration.


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Rajasthani designs one of the Most beautiful and intricate Mehendi art form. It comprises of folk dance, traditions, art forms creativity & colors of Rajasthani culture. It includes few intricate patterns which applied to brides before wedding ceremonies and unique representations of flowers, leaves especially mango leaves) peacock shaped designs which reflects the Indian culture & tradition.

The Main thing to be noted while selecting Rajasthani designs are be it for hand our feet the designs should follow mirror reflecting art, that means both hands should be identical to other, this make the Rajasthani Mehendi design more difficult compare to other.


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Unique modern design more fresh and adorable.. Only one sided style is made denser by patterns.


Circular Flower works are simply cute and beautiful Mehendi works where the women’s use simple round circular motifs or flowers placed exactly on the center of the palm and connects it with finger design by flowers, dots or circular motifs. It was mainly done on earlier times when Mehendi designs are not that popular.

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